The Healthiest Cooking Oil

Are You Using the Right Cooking Oil?

When shopping for a cooking oil, you have probably stared at the?wide array of oils?on the shelves and wondered which one should you buy and how to choose? When it comes to cooking oil varieties, things can get confusing. If you are at a loss and unsure which is the best choice, you?ve come to the right site! ? This website provides a simple yet comprehensive guide to help you make good, informed choices.

Should We Avoid Using Oil in Our Daily Cooking?

The answer is NO! Our body needs fat/oil for optimal performance. Fat/oil is an ingredient that should be present in all our daily meals. That is why it is vital to ensure the cooking oil you use is a healthy one. Want to know more about functions of fat/oil in the body? Click here to learn more.?

Don’t Know Your Cooking Oil Well Enough?

All of us have our favourite cooking oil. Each type of cooking oil is manufactured in differently and each is best suited for certain uses. They have different smoke points, unique composition of fats, nutrients and flavour profiles. Are you curious to know more about the cooking oil you are using now? Click here to dive a little deeper into 14 varieties of cooking oils commonly available in the supermarket.

What to Look Out for When Choosing A Cooking Oil?

Not all cooking oils are equal, but to a common shopper, it is a challenging task to be able to spot the important differences that separate the good oils from the inferior ones. Do not just simply look for Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS) when grocery shopping. There are many more other criteria you should look out for. Here, we have put together a list of 6 most important things you should watch out when buying a cooking oil. Click here to check out. Furthermore, you should really be cautious about the selections available on the supermarket shelves.

Is There A Cooking Oil That Fulfils ALL 6 Criteria of a Good Oil?

Yes, there is. Camelina Oil is my perfect choice! Currently I am using cold-pressed camelina oil, which is safe, chemical-free and rich in nutrients. Yet, it has a high smoke point of 245?C?so I can use it for any cooking methods without worry. Click here to check it out!